Yes, you read that correctly! You become an S M X Member and we will finance the cost of your S M X – 5 gram .9999 (24K) Fine Gold Bar for $5.83 per day. Go here to get yours while supplies last. If the link is broken copy and paste this into your browser:

Here is what you get.

It’s not going to cost you the normal price of $ 984.00 no way! For this special RIGHT NOW (as long as supplies last) you can get your S M X – Membership for only $300.00 per year. That is a fraction off the normal price of $ 948.00 per year. That’s 68% off the normal price!

Your membership cost is only $ 300.00 per year billed up front + S M X will finance the cost of your 5 gram .9999 (24K) Fine Gold Bar for only $ 150.00 per month.

Let’s break it down S M X Annual Membership $ 300.00 divided by 12 months = only $25 per month. Plus your qualifying purchase of an S M X – 5 gram .9999 (24K) Fine Gold Bar for only $ 150.00 per month (Full price is $ 600.00 if you wanted to buy it out right – which you can if you want to but better to buy it as a member and get an extra 5% off the price.) (Check out our reviews for many of our products.)

$300.00 divided by 12 months = $ 25.00 per month plus $ 150.00 divided by 30 days in a month = $ 5.00 per day. $25.00 + $ 150.00 = $ 175.00 divided by 30 days is only $ 5.83 per day.

Member Benefits

  • Member Benefit – get an extra 5% discount* off published Prices as well. (*denotes after you have become a member and made your qualifying purchase for your S M X – 5 gram .9999 (24K) Fine Gold Bar). Plus S M X will finance the cost of your Qualifying Purchase over a period of 4 months. No Fees, No Interest, No aditional costs at all just the cost of your S M X – 5 gram .9999 (24K) Fine Gold bar for only $150.00 per month.
  • Member benefit – You get access to bundles just for members the general public does not have access these Membership Bundles.

If we are sold out then the program will not allow you to become a member nor make a purchase at this great price. If it goes through you are one of the lucky ones and now your in the perfect place to where your membership only cost you $25 per month (billed in advance) vs the normal price of $79.00 per month.

  • Member Benfit – Now you have locked in your membership at this price forever. It will never go up as long as your keep your account in good standing. Keep your account in good standing means, do not default on your monthly payments for the S M X – 5 gram .9999 (24K) Fine Gold bars.
  • Member Benefit – Once you finish paying for your bar everything will automaticly renew at the same price. You will make arrangement for your first shipment at check out. If you do not want it shipped to you right away thats ok as you can store your bar with S M X for $ 1.00 per month per bar until a later date. We do not charge you storage while you are making your monthly payments. Like we said no fees, no additional charges, No Interest. (Check out our reviews)
  • Another Member Benefit – You can also finance your bundles that we make available to our members. You make the first 25% down payment and we will finance the remaining balance over the next three months. For example: If you had a bundle that cost $ 500.00. You make the initial $125.00 down payment and we will finance the remainder over the next three months. Your monthly payment will then be $125.00 per month to pay for this bundle. (All Bundles are totally seperate from your membership and qualifying purchase.)

This is how you build and create wealth. Spending $ 5.83 per day and next thing you know you are amassing a nice stockpile of S M X precious metal products like gold and silver bars. Click here to become a member today and get your gold for only $5.83 per day!

As a recap, Your total cost $450.00 gets you access to a 5% Discount on all future purchases. Plus the quarterly magazine, other fine gifts like go bags just for your precious metals in case of civil unrest or the SHTF situations or no power etc. You will not be able to run to the ATM to get any cash as they will not work. But your 5 gram .9999 (24K) Fine Gold bar is worth a lot in these situations. Protect yourself and your family when natural disaster hits. Like in Hawaii. A masive fire swept across the entire town. What if you had cash stashed under the matress? Gone, What if you needed to go to the ATM to get cash? Gone, What if the house was actually burning and you could run in a get something would you get the cash which is made out of paper or would you grab your go bag and take all the gold and precious metals with you in one bag plus your personal clothing toiletries etc. all in one bag.

Just a thought with our permenantly sealed Bars in a credit card sized case you can carry a lot of these in a very small space. Be prepared. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. You and your family will be squared away. Go here to get your Membership and qualifying purchase completed and join the Elite S M X – Family of prepared members no matter the situation.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard as an Elite S M X – Member building/creating your wealth your way everyday. Click here scroll down and add to cart then check out for your $450.00 and $150.00 every month thereafter. It will be that fast and easy!