$329.00 Annual Membership plus Qualifying Purchase of A MINIMUM OF One S M X – 5 Gram 999.9 Fine Gold Bar on subscription basis: (For Example) $ 171.25 per month

$171.25 / month and a $329.00 sign-up fee

Annual Membership fee of only $329.00 (billed up front Only on annual basis) plus your Membership cost will not go up in the future as long as your account remains in good standing.

$ 171.25.00 per month* (on a subscription basis) as your qualifying purchase for One S M X – 5 gram 999.9 Fine Gold Bar (cost for 1 – S M X – 5 gram 999.9 Fine Gold Bar $ 685.00).

Total initial cost = $ 329.00 + $ 171.25.00 = $ 329.00 then $171.25 per month.

Once the Au/gold bars is paid for we will ship directly to you or you can store it with us for $1.00 per month per bar.

This will be billed seperately once your bar is paid for.

*All SMX Members must keep and maintain the qualifying purchase on a Monthly subscription basis of a minimum of one 5 gram 999.9 Fine Gold bar to keep their account in good standing. – (There will be no refunds available if a Member decides to cancel prior to their gold bars being paid in full, if there is a refund, that will be determined on a case by case basis ONLY at the sole descretion of SMX.) All Sales Are Final! No Disputes, No Refunds, No Returns, No Exchanges



Annual Membership with SMX at a huge discount off retail pricing.

Plus the membership privide an addiional 5% discount off published pricing on S M X website. Additionally, S M X – Members will receive updates and alerts when spcefic bundles are made available to members only.

**NOTE: You must be a current Client to qualify for this special discounted annual membership cost and discount of 5% on future orders aftrer your qualifying purchase. Normally S M X – Membership is $ 79.00 per month = $ 948.00 per year. vs $ 329.00 annually with **.

What is included in the $329.00 – SMX – Membership and Qualifying Purchase bundle.

(There will be an initial charge for shipping of your one SMX – 5 gram 999.9 Fine Gold Bar charged up front for when time comes for delivery everything will be covered. Shipping cost will be based on your choice where you want your bar delivered in the future.)

  1. Greatly reduced Annual Membership cost from $ 948.00 down to $ 329.00 (billed in advance only).
  2. For Example if One S M X – 5 Gram 999.9 Fine Gold Bar on a Subscription* Basis at $ 171.25 per month ($685.00 is total cost of bar) this is the minimum available to keep the SMX Membership in good standing. (price varies based on market conditions the price of Au could be higher or lower compared to this example.)
    1. As an SMX member, the member must keep and maintain the minimum subscription (one SMX – 5 gram 999.9 Fine Gold bar on a monthly subscription basis) in order to continue to receiving the benefits of the addiional discounts of 5% off future orders of the published prices and bundles exclusive to members only. 
      1.   * S M X – is financing the cost of your one 5 gram 999.9 fine gold bar (qualifying purchase) over a course of 4 months. Once your bar is paid for S M X – can ship it directly to you or S M X – can store it for you until a later date.
      2. The cost of storage is $1.00 per month per bar. This will be billed seperately if you decide to have S M X – vault your S M X – precious metals.
    2. Once your qualifying purchase is paid for your Subscription will roll over and on month 5 you will begin paying for another S M X – 5 gram 999.9 Fine Gold Bar on autopilot. In a year you will have acquired 15 grams of S M X – 999.9 Fine Gold bars.
      1. SMX – Members can add as many SMX – 5 gram 999.9 Fine Gold bars (Maximum 10 per purchase). If the member disires additional products reach out to S M X – for specific products that is wanted.

(S M X – reserves the right to mix and match at the descretion of S M X – upon delivery any and all precious metals to a client. Meaning if a member orders 20 grams of S M X – 999.9 Fine Gold bars, S M X – has the right to deliver three 5 gram bars at 15 grams and two S M X – 2.5 gram 999.9 Fine Gold bars for a total of 20 grams or twenty S M X – 1 gram 999.9 Fine Gold bars as an example). All Sales Are Final! No Disputes, No Refunds, No Returns, No Exchanges

Bar Highlights:

Each bar bears an authenticity certifying assay card in tamper evident packaging, offering protection and quality you can trust for each bar. visit: https://sovmintx.com/bar

  • Contains 5 grams of 999.9 Fine Gold bar minted by S M X.
  • Individual bars are presented in a permanetly sealed protective assay package that lists the weight and authentication of the bar by the assayer.
  • Obverse: Features a single stamped S M X logo along with weight and purity
  • Reverse: Features the S M X logo minted with our trademarked design.
  • “retained value” refers to the market value of Gold now and in the future


Additional information

Weight 220 g
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 3 cm


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