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S M X: Is an American Designer, Refiner, Manufacturer and Marketer of Luxury Precious Metal Products…[ie. Ingots/Bars, Rounds/Coin] Inspiring Greatness with the Everlasting Expression of Precious Metal Excellence that not only stands the Test of Time but also shows no exception but to demonstrate true wealth and luxury.

Whether you need a one-of-a-kind gift or have a million customers worldwide that you want to provide a loyalty thank you gift of significant value to…Discover Exceptional Craftsmanship exemplified in our Unique Precious Metal products, Invigorating precious metals, Ultimate standout design and Extraordinary Performance with Innovative Luxury. Only the highest and finest of quality is produced at Sovereign Mint Exchange – S M X.

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Sovereign Mint Exchange - S M X

The Adventure of Buying Silver. Invest and begin Building your personal Wealth. You can purchase 1 gram or 1,000 ozt. Start today! 

Sovereign Mint Exchange-S M X

We store/vault assets in 100% Segregated,  Privately Secured & Locked Boxes just for your peace of mind. Your Assets are Never Commingeled with other assets!

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The only Money and Wealth that COUNTS is yours!

We offer products from the US Mint and other Sovereign Mints around the world as well as private collections that we have acquired globally.

Our team of experts can assist you in the adventure of buying Silver, Gold, Coins, bullion. Enjoy the Numismatic Experience.


If you are serious investor and want to buy larger quantities. We BUY old jewelry, bullion, antique coins and collections


If the time comes and when you are ready to sell your assets. We can make an offer or we can take it to the market place for you.


You need to securely store your assets is a priority. We can store your large purchases in our vault for safe keeping.


We support every facet of your financial need. We can arrange a loan against your vaulted assets that is within our Safekeeping.

We BUY old jewelry, Bullion, Antique coins, and collections.

Simply download the form and print your label.

Send your items in to us We will immediately authenticate it for you with our state of the art Non Destructive testing. We will send photos during this process. Once a value is determined we will make you an offer to buy. Accept our offer a check or wire will go out to you the same day.

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We BUY old jewelry, Bullion, Antique coins, and collections.

NOTE: We only buy items that are for the value of
the gold or silver. WE DO NOT pay for gemstones!!!

(We recommend that if you have gemstones like diamonds etc then have those removed before sending your gold or silver to us. It is not uncommon for items that you might think is a gemstone they are not, especially if they are old items. Sometimes when you think an item is a diamond it is simply glass as are many other items that people thought were something like an emerald or sapphire etc.)

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