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What separates us from everyone else in the Gold and Silver Business?

It is simple. We offer a lower cost of entry so everyone can afford to buy Gold and Silver. We offer precious metals by the Gram. Not just the ounce and larger like everyone else.

We also offer Shot / Grain (or granules) that can be melted into ingots and or bars.

Additionally, we also offer the following:

Aside from ounces we do most of our business in grams or multiple of grams.

You can think of as like a mini contract on one of the Major Investment Exchanges like the CME, COMEX, NYMEX or London Exchange. But with us you are buying the actual physical Silver, Gold or Platinum etc. We do not offer contracts for speculation we believe in buying and holding or Stacking as some people call it.

Keep this in mind when you buy in bulk you get a better price right? Volume is the key. Well, when you break down the product to smaller quantities like into a gram vs a kilogram then the price per gram is higher than the price per gram in a kilogram. Does that make sense?

We offer a lower cost to get into buying Ag and Au for the average person. We make the price affordable so that you can buy Silver as an example daily or weekly. This is how you begin to build wealth as Silver is not that expensive. If you make a mistake one day, it is not going to keep you from paying your bills. However, if you make a mistake today in buying gold at $ 1800.00+ per ounce that could sting a little or a lot depending on your situation.

We recommend to all of our clients and customers buy at least $500.00+ per week or whatever you can afford. Get on an automated purchase every one or two weeks so you do not see the money. Then before you know it you are building true wealth! We also offer a vaulting service where we can store your precious metals for you, or you can have us ship it to you every week or once a month whatever you decide on your schedule. We look forward to doing business with you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Sign up for our newsletter and you can see how we help people realize their dreams with Silver today!

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We believe that you should do better than you did last year and the year before that. Acquiring Ag (Silver) and Au (Gold) your future is better secured and constant vs with stocks 401K, IRA, and or mutual funds. Those vehicles are ok but precious metals have stood the test of time.



Every one should be buying a little Silver every week. The good thing is you can start for as little as $20 per week. Place on order for Pure .999+ Fine Silver shot and start building your Wealth today!


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