3 Days in a Row! Another Good Buying Day!!!

3 Days in a Row! Another Good Buying Day!

1328 6 May 2022

Sometimes we have excellent opportunities to take advantage of like today.

At the time of this writing Ag is at $ 22.365 per ounce and Au is $ 1,883.50.

Gold/Silver ration is at an amazing 84.264.

Why is that important? According to the gold/silver ration it takes 84.264 ounces of Silver to buy an ounce of gold. This again further makes Silver a great buy and very undervalued.

For those of you who are looking for a great entry point this is it. However, remember my earlier writings about supply and availability. Supply and Demand rules free market economies. Premiums will be high but significantly better than if the market goes back to $26.00 plus per ounce for silver. Premiums will be even higher and could be a scenario where we would then be saying 22.340 plus +9.00 over spot is pretty good vs Ag being at 28.00 + 9.00 or more premium. Todays price looks pretty amazing.

For S M X we are buying in today. For those of us who bought earlier in the week, we have a few dollars of cost averaging and still doing great.

We will see how the Asian markets take over after the US and Europe closes today. They open in the overnight markets on Sunday. Let’s see where the market goes then. Hopefully, we will continue to have further great buying days. So far, we have been given three of these days. I hope it continues to drop further and we get even better pricing.

Let’s see how things go this coming week.

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