10 May 2022

Things appear to be tough everywhere. $ 1 Trillion Dollars Lost over the past 3 trading days. All Indices are down: Dow down 5.33%, S & P down 7.9%, NASDAQ down almost 10%. In the NASDAQ 100 only 5 stocks were higher all others were down.

If we look at the high on Jan 3 2022 of the S&P 500 is down 17%. Not quite the bear market yet of being down 20% but it is 17%. I know it is tough in the stock market. What else is there that is working for us you might ask. Metals have been taking a dive over the past trading days as well. At the time of this writing Gold is $1,849.20 Silver is $ 21.680 and the Gold/Silver ratio is 85.433.

This tells us we need 85.433 ounces of Silver to buy an ounce of Gold. This also tells us the Silver is even further undervalued and We should be buying silver vs gold right now.

Markets crash and rise all the time. But one thing is certain gold and silver is constant as far as value. I am not talking about speculation of making a ton of money in a short term. Most if not all speculators go broke. To the point here if you own any stock that you bought at $5 or even $ 500 per share it could go down to be worth zero. OK, Sure gold and silver could also go down to zero as well. But can anyone tell me where in the history of mankind that gold and silver went to zero or below zero, Anyone? Exactly! No, you cannot tell me where that has happened or even in the last 200 years literally. If we go all the way back to April 1915 Gold was at $ 553.44 or even in Oct 1970 when gold was at $266.78. Wow, can you imagine if you were able to buy at those prices today. Would you? Probably not because things are not going well for most people. Inflation was high in 1970 and interest rates were hitting 20%. The purchasing power of the $1 in 1970 compared to today is today it would be worth about $ 7.41 today.

So, I ask you this. When gold hits $ 5,000 or $ 10,000 per ounce or silver hits $ 50 or $ 500.00 per ounce would you look back on today and say I am glad I bought when Silver was at $ 21.625 and gold is at $ 1,845.90?

This is about long-term holdings and building wealth. Not Short-term quick gains. You go to the futures market to play that game. However, I would highly recommend you simply buy gold and silver from S M X then paper trade the futures market. This way you know you will not lose everything when you buy physical gold and silver from S M X.

Today is another buying day for us here at S M X.  

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