The markets at the time of this write are Gold $ 1,833.30, Silver $ 20.860, Gold/Silver ratio 87.885.

12 May 2022

With headlines like those above there is little room for cutting loses in the markets. These losses are wreaking havoc in all markets. The metals markets are taking some hits as well. From our Perspective let’s look at this from a little distance. OK Stocks are taking some pretty massive hits. If we exit the stock market, we realize loses this is true. However, there is a huge buying opportunity in the physical metals market. We consider this to be a huge dollar cost average for the money over the losses that are being taken in the stock markets. Let’s take the hit in the stocks and move directly into physical metals. Especially at these low prices. With Silver being at this amazing low price today and how it has been giving great prices for the past week. I would keep buying the Silver until the ratio returns to say 50. The switch to buying Gold. Let’s hope it keeps dropping then we keep buying the metals as a dollar cost average for a positive return.

Understand this. Buying gold and silver is not a speculators game that we promote here. We have a longer term buy and hold philosophy. This way we can buy when the prices are low, and we get buying opportunities in the metals market like right now! For most people who invest into hard physical assets those assets are held for longer term typically. They are NOT flipped immediately unless there is a very specific opportunity that has presented itself.

Remember this:   

At no time in history has gold or silver gone to zero!

That has happened a few times in the stock markets. This is the time to buy silver!

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