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Hedge against Market down turns and inflation, buy Gold and Silver today from!!

13 June 2022
Today was another bad day in the stock markets.
Sounds like familiar commentary, doesn’t it? You may have heard where there is chaos there is opportunity. I will explain after I show you the result of today in the market. To get started feel free to contact us directly or have your Advisor contact us at [email protected] or visit us online at or call and place your order directly with our trade desk at +1-281-758-9887
NAME                                        LAST          CHG           CHG %
Dow Jones Industrial Average     30,516.74    -876.05        -2.79%
NASDAQ Composite Index          10,809.23    -530.80        -4.68%
S&P 500 Index                            3,749.63      -151.23        -3.88%
Global Dow Realtime USD           3,579.08      -8.08          -0.23%
Gold Continuous Contract           $1,822.90    -8.90          -0.49%
Crude Oil WTI (NYM $/bbl)
Front Month                             $120.62       -0.31          -0.26%
I have many friends who work for a lot of great places like NYL, UBS, JP Morgan etc.
All those Advisors when they are spending their days taking calls from their clients about wanting to get out of the markets due to the blood bath they are taking as far as losses are concerned. Now the firm and the advisor does not want the client to take their money out of the market(s) because they will lose their income etc.
However, if the advisors explain the clients that yes, the markets are taking a downturn. However, look above at this price segment:
Gold Continuous Contract          $1,822.90    -8.90          -0.49%
This is an opportunity to buy Gold (Au) and if the Au continues to dip or drop then buy more. Because this will be the ultimate cost average move. Stocks go to zero and people lose everything. We have seen this before many times.
Names like Bear Sterns or Lehman Brothers vanished overnight..
However, with fiat currency being worth less and less where is the flight to safety? Precious Metals. Gold and Silver.
Hedge against the ridiculous Inflation and the impending recession. Buy Gold Bullion and Silver Bullion from Sovereign Mint Exchange – S M X.
Buy as large of a portfolio of Gold and Silver and build this portfolio as soon as possible with the proper ratio of Gold and Silver. The Gold/Silver ratio today is at 86.096% at the time of this writing. Which means Silver is significantly undervalued.
As the Ratio changes and moves back towards 50% and below then we acquire more Gold.

Then I would restructure my portfolio to be even more conservative and buy mostly precious metals and the 10% for high-risk ventures would go into the stocks. Some will do great and others not so good. However, metals will always be there with value.
Feel free to call us directly or have your Advisor call us and buy the Silver and Gold Bullion for your portfolio today. At 281-758-9887 or email us at [email protected] #safety #opportunity #Safety #Stability #Security #freedomofmovement #silver #gold