11:40 5 May 2022

Another Buying Day!!

We have another amazing buying day on the silver and gold markets.

At the time of this writing Silver is at $ 22.410 slightly above it’s low of the day. Gold is at $ 1,876.10 also just above it’s low of the day. Gold/Silver ratio is all telling at 83.800.

What does that mean. Yes, Silver is undervalued compared to Gold and we need to buy Silver.

However, here is the rub to all of this. Sovereign Mints are Not being forth coming on product availability to the markets. And private mints are selling everything they produce and there is at least a 2 week to 30+ day delay in getting products.

I just spoke my friends at one of the largest dealers in the country and there is a shortage of everything. So, prices might be amazing and great but you cannot get what you want or if it is available, you will be paying a higher premium because of the inventory shortages. Just to keep things in perspective.

Today is a great buying day for Gold and Silver. Better for Silver as the ratio is over 83 again.

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More to follow.