16:21 4 MAY 2022Fed Raises Rate .50

Right now, the silver market is at $ 23.005 and Gold is at $1,882.30 and the Gold/Silver ratio is 81.850.

As expected, the Federal Reserve raised the interest rate by .50 a percent.

 There is a slight rally for the day. Up .70 cents from my earlier post.

This is what we were discussing earlier. Looks like the buying opportunity is now past because everyone was waiting for this event today. Now back to the rise of precious metals as inflationary effects will begin to continue to hit home. For those of you who bought a lot of Silver earlier today I am very happy for you as you all made money with S M X. Who knows, maybe there will be another buying opportunity like today in the future. I have not seen the price of silver around $22 since Dec 2021 and Jan 2022.

If it ever gets to this level again for us it will be the time to buy and buy heavy.

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